Bay Horse


Our beef is sourced from UK cattle which graze on naturally lush and mineral-rich grass. It has a good fat covering and marbling effect throughout which gives our hand-cut steaks an amazing flavour. Dry matured on the bone, allowing the muscle fibres of the beef to break down, means our steaks are mouthwateringly tender and the deep red colour typical of well-aged beef.

All our steaks are hand cut to your required weight at the Bay Horse Butchers Counter, where you can watch the cut and choose the size of your steak
A visit to the Bay Horse would not be complete without a visit to our butchers counter, choosing your steak fresh and cut to the size you require. Continue the steak experience and watch it being cooked on the flame grill in the restaurant. Enjoy what we believe will be the best steak you have ever tasted!

Cuts available from the butchers counter:

A firmer texture than sirloin steak, is considered to have more flavour

From the centre section of the shortloin which produces great flavour and texture

This is the most tender of steaks and trimmed of all fat

Juicy and tender which contains more marbling than other cuts producing intense flavour

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All our steaks are cooked in the restaurant on our flame grill exactly to your liking;
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